Ohana Media works closely with recording artists to give you a choice in your recording experience.


tell us what your goals are and we will provide you with a range of options to best meet those goals.

submit a booking request today and ohana media will provide a range of package prices customized to your needs.

Example Package prices

2 Hip Hop tracks 

Record, Mix, and Master

Stereo Track Instrumentals/No Stems

1 Hour of Recording Time

Rough Copies to Leave With

Complete Mix & Master of each track 1-3 Days

1 Round of Revisions


Block Rates

Block rates include use of all rooms, so producers & artists can be collaborating in one room while other artists are recording in another. Or have an engineer in Studio A mixing a song you've just recorded, while you work along your producer in Studio B getting the next song ready. Also included is access to the artist lounge with games and refreshments. 

$250 - 3 hours

$400 - 5 hours

Things to consider for your session:

If recording, where would you like to record?

Ohana Media is mobile equipped for remote recording locations such as your rehearsal studio or living room. 

What are you going to record and how much recording time will you need?

Recording time includes necessary time to upload or import any session files, mic set up, sound checking, etc.  

Will you need additional edits, such as radio or live edits?

Some submissions will require clean edits of songs. Live edits are optimized for live performance of tracks. 

Which rooms are you looking to use?

For example, larger sessions could include use of Studio B for writing while Studio A is used for recording. Use of Family Room will include access to drinks and snacks. Use of more rooms also allows for larger group sizes.

How many revisions will you need?

Revisions are how many times an engineer will go back and make requested changes.

"Block Rates" for large sessions with all rooms included available in three and five hour blocks.

These sessions last for the specified amount of time and can be used for any service offered within the time frame.  Have exclusive use of all rooms in the studio for the entire session. $250/3hr $400/5hr