Welcome to the Ohana Cypher

Thank you for your interest in the cypher. If we've sent you this link, we think you'd be a good addition to the line up. On this page you will find the info you'll need to participate. 

We want to do a cypher, with about 4-6 participants, all in the video at the same time. We will produce a uncut video of the cypher and likely of individual performances as well. 

We don't have the time or location locked down yet, but will be in Lowell, likely at Ohana Media or Beantown soundstage. 

Below are the two tracks we are thinking about using. Tell us which track you prefer by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. 

24 Bars is about 1:13 long on Track 1 and about 1:10 long on Track 2. Those would be good lengths, but anything 1:00 - 1:30 long is good. Anything longer and it will more than likely be cut. 

Each performer will get 3 takes.

Track One

Track Two

Note: You will need to agree to Ohana's COVID Policy to participate, all participants will be asked to wear masks while on camera except for while performing, 

Indicate which track you prefer:

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